History of Chassell in Pictures

Worchester Lumber Camp 1920-21
Photo courtesy of Leslie Gerard; her father, James Howard Gerard, was born in the cabin with the X on the roof.

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Chassell News in 1899

About 1900

ChassellMainStrabt1900.jpg (49025 bytes)
Chassell Main Street

About 1910
ChassellMainStrabt1910.jpg (44549 bytes)
Chassell Main Street

RRDepotChassell1888.jpg (68774 bytes)
Rail Road Depot in Chassell


DepotChassell1909.jpg (46824 bytes)
Chassell Depot

c 1900
ElectricPark1900s.jpg (67048 bytes)
Electric Park 
is this the Electric park in Jacobsville?


Dr. Percy Willson,
Chassell Physician from 1900 to1950 or 52? 
DocPercyWillson.jpg (29168 bytes)
  Dr. Percy H. Willson, born 1876 in Lisbonell, Ont, Canada, played on the first Portage Lake Hockey teams 1899-1902.  This Portage Lake team became the first Professional Hockey team in the World and formed a league called the International Hockey League. After the team turned pro, Percy was a referee for their games.

Dr PH Willson's College Hockey Team: 
Detroit Medical College (UofM) Hockey team in 1896

DetroitMedicalCollegeHockey1896s.jpg (78304 bytes)

Back Row L to Rt: E.C. Hay, F.J. Boles, P.H. Wilson. 
Middle Row: W.R. Randolph,  T.J. Kirby, E.W. Mechlebourgh, T.F. Mills.
Front: F.W. MacDonald.


Dr PH Willson's College Hockey Team: 
Detroit Medical College (UofM) Hockey team in 1897
DetroitMedicalCollegeHockey1897s.jpg (111605 bytes)

Standing L-Rt: F.J. Boles, J.L. Gibson, E.C. Hay.
Seated L-Rt: F.J. Buggins, W.F. MacDonald, P.H. Wilson.
Front L-Rt: F.W. MacDonald, W.R. Randolph. 

ClaytonFranttiFireman.jpg (84332 bytes)
Clayton Frantti Retires after 36 years


ChassellHouse.jpg (32003 bytes)
Chassell House
SturgeonRiverLumberCo1890_2.jpg (49114 bytes)
Sturgeon River Lumber Company
SturgeonRiverLumberCoChassell.jpg (38674 bytes)
Sturgeon River Lumber Company
RWilkensinStoreCalumetAveChassell1890.jpg (42127 bytes)
Calumet Ave. Chassell
R Wilkensin Store


logsOnPilgrimRiver.jpg (42203 bytes)
Logs Floated on Pilgrim River
WorcesterShingleMill1903-1928Chassell.jpg (66095 bytes)
Worchester Shingle Mill

ChMercantileDelivery1910-18.jpg (81745 bytes)
Chassell Mercantile Flour Delivery
IceHarvestChBay1920.jpg (35742 bytes)
Ice Harvest on Chassell Bay
IceHarvestChassell_DMG.jpg (83965 bytes)
Misslitz Ice business
27 November 1915

AL Wright Shipwreck at South Entry
The Pointer, a boat built at South Entry

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ChassellBaseBTeamUnkdate.jpg (51787 bytes)
19-- First Baseball Team

ChassellBBteam1924-25.jpg (54361 bytes)
!924-25 Basketball Team

ChassellhockeyTeamunkdate.jpg (80057 bytes)
19-- Chassell Hockey Team
ChBB1953-54.jpg (36099 bytes)
ChassellPeeWee1955-56s.jpg (63222 bytes)
1955-56 Youth Hockey Team
ChassellPeeWee1960s.jpg (72675 bytes)
1960's Chassell Hockey Team

1955-56 State Champs
ChassellHSBBTeam1955-56.jpg (78293 bytes)

1956-57 State Champs
ChassellHSBBTeam1956-57.jpg (72423 bytes)

1957-58 State Champs
ChassellHSBBTeam1957-58.jpg (75882 bytes)
ChasselloverWh1956.jpg (35835 bytes) ChBB1957Champs.jpg (31336 bytes) ChBB1957StChampsNews.jpg (42844 bytes)
ChBB1957atJenison.jpg (30220 bytes) ChBB1957atJenison2.jpg (31253 bytes) ChBB1957StChampsNews.jpg (42844 bytes)
ChBB1957StChampsNewspic.jpg (67452 bytes) ChBBStChampsPlayers.jpg (44924 bytes) ChBBteam1956-57StChamps.jpg (42978 bytes)
ChBBteam1956StChamps.jpg (36827 bytes) ChBBteam1957.jpg (41277 bytes) ChBBEdHelakoski&Trophy.jpg (30413 bytes)

ChBBJenisonFieldHouse_EastLansing.jpg (30293 bytes)


ChassellHS.jpg (56557 bytes)
Chassell High School


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