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LAST NAME FIRST NAME DOB Place of birth Spouse name Father's name Father's birthplace Mother's maiden name Mother's birthplace DOD AGE died where: buried where Other comments     Stone section Block lot
Cadeau Charles 1-15-1872 Canada   Charles Cadeau Canada Zenion Beaudry Canada  5-10-1915 43 CH Lake Linden, MI            
Cadeau Georgina  10-18-1872 Lake Linden, MI Chas Cadeau Chas King Canada Mary Lacompte Canada  5-4-1919 46 CH Lake Linden, MI            
Carboneaau Exilda  11-22-1856 Canada Telesfore Chas Ruelle Canada      1-11-1923 66 CH HO              
Carbonneau Theophile 12-22-1863 Canada   Armadus ? Canada     05/02/1927 63 CH HO              
Carbouneau Emma Neles? 1892             6-8-1892     CH stone say " Emma Carbouneau Neles Fevrier 1892 Decedele 8 Juin 1982" S org W 9
Carignan Hattie A 9-13-1877 Michigan   Adolphis Brunelle   Autose Bohaw   02/14/1952 74 CH FH              
Carlson Anna M 1882   Charles (Carl George)       10-10-1962 80   CH       S old 7 7
Carlson Aune A Metsa 1-10-1912   Richard C         1-6-1984     CH       S old 20 5
Carlson Carl George (CG) 1881             04/28/1968 87 CH CH       S old 7 8
Carlson Erdine M 1914   Harry C         6-3-1981 67   CH         old 16 2
Carlson George Leonard 9-2-1912   Maragret E C.G. Carlson   Anna   11-20-1965 53   CH       S old 7 6
Carlson Harry Carl 1910             8-11-1992 81 Hancock, MI CH         old 16 1
Carlson Irene D 12-31-1920   Richard F Richard Kosky   Lydia Carlson   10-14-1997 76 Las Vegas, NV CH       S NA 20 14
Carlson Margaret Elizabeth 12-11-1914   George L C.G. Carlson   Anna   01/30/1998 83 Hancock, MI CH       S old 7 5
Carlson Michael D 1938             1991     CH btwn B21 & C23     S org C D
Carlson Richard Charles 1-10-1905   Aunie A         12-22-1990 85 Fall River Mills, Shasta Co., Ca CH       S old 7 5
Carlson Vida 5-12-1892 Keweenaw Co., MI married Wm Summer Rockland MI Loraine Tesdel   03/23/1925 32 CH FH              
Carpenter Charles /-/-1843 Canada   Bazil Carpenter Canada Merance Larajian Canada 8-23-1908 54y CH CH              
Carpenter Mary April Canada            4-7-1913 ~ 54 CH CH              
Cavanaugh Edward M 2-5-1922 Antigo, Wisc   Matt Cavanaugh   Lillian Lyons   03/15/1952 30 Godell Log Yard, CH,MI Evergreen, L'Anse, MI WWII            
Cete Joseph 4-27-1906 Michigan   Ed Cete Canada Sophia Anderson Michigan 9-25-1906 4 CH CH              
Chaput Clara 10-4-1925 Michigan   Wilfred Chaput Canada Laura Adams Minnesota 07/12/1926 9 mths CH HO              
Chaput Victoline M       Archie Courchaine   Delia Destrampe   11/03/1992 93   CH Cath rec only            
Chatrier Jennie 6-1854 Canada   Mosr Paquettr Canada   Canada 8-31-1906 52 CH CH              
Clark Ruth 4-10-1911 Michigan   William Clark Canada Alemeda Hyde Michigan 4-13-1911 3d CH ? stillborn            
Codere Andrew                     CH         org W 18
Coffey Myrtle R 8-23-1894 Wisconsin   Patrick Coffey Wisconsin Charlotte Cairnes New Brunswick, Canada  9-6-1916 22 CH HO              
Collette Severre 1911   Rebecca         11-8-1987 75   CH       S NA 12 7
Collins Clarence 1-3-1905 Michigan   Theodore Collins Canada Pamala Collins Canada 5-5-1907 2yr,4mo,2da CH CH              
Collins Geraldine 1921   Joseph C         1996     CH       S NA 16 12
Collins Joseph Clarence 1919   Geraldine         5-4-91 72 Hancock, MI CH       S NA 16 11
Collins Lucille Mary 2-22-1932 Chassell, MI   Nelson Collins L'anse MI Mary Richard Canada 2-22-1932 Stillborn CH FH Stillborn            
Collins Mary  11-23-1912 Houghton Co.,MI   Theodore Collins Canada Pamela Pilkie Canada  11-23-1912 stillborn CH ?              
Collins Mary 6-8-1885 Canada N?elson Collins Peter Richard Canada Emilie Pepin Canada 2-22-1932 47 CH FH              
Collins Meadore E 10-13-1889 Michigan   Theodore Collins Canada Pamala Petire Canada 1-13-1907 17 CH CH              
Collins Pamela 4-27-1874 Canada   Henry Peltier Canada Edmon Bondreau Canada  5-1-1915 41 CH CH              
Collins Peter A 11-17-1912   Yvonne         12-21-1980 68   CH PFC US ARMY WWII   S org 42 1
Collins Peter Albert, Jr 3-5-1950     Peter Collins   Yvonne Archambeau   11/24/1998 48 Sanborn Twp, Alpena Co., MI CH VET; stone has color picture of Peter on it. S org 42 0.5
Collins Theodore Jr 5-6-1906 Chassell, MI   Theodore Collins Canada Pamala Pelkih? Canada 5-6-1906 stillborn   CH              
Collins Thomas 10-7-1909 Houghton Co., MI   Theo Collins Canada Pamala Peltier Canada 10-7-1909 0 CH CH stillborn            
Collins Thomas  2-4-1915 Michigan   Theo Collins Canada Pamela Peltier Canada  5-9-1915 3 mos. CH CH              
Collins Yvonne A 1912   Peter A         1995     CH married Peter A 6-1-1938   S org 42 2
Colombe Joyce Marie  3-16-1952  Laurium, Houghton Co. MI   Ralph Peterson   Norma Schmi?tt or Norma I. Englund   03/05/2001 48  Marquette, MI CH Cath rec only            
Corbeil Lucille ? Gay, MI   Peter Corbeil Lake Linden, MI Maggie Wahtala Boston Location, Houghton, MI  11-27-1918 2 CH ?              
Cornish Edward J 2-23-1899   Genevieve         6-12-1979 80   CH PFC US ARMY WWI   S old 27 2
Cornish Genevieve Sarah               1-5-1983 84             old 27 3
Cornish Mary Margaret 12-2-1932             10-16-1988 55   CH       S old 27 0.5
Cory Ervilla Allen 1855             1897     CH       S org L 24
Cotar Andrew 9-21-1868 Austria, Europe Veronika Janey Cotar       12/24/1940 72 CH CH              
Cote Aunie A (Wirtanen?) 1915   Raymond C         6-10-59     CH       S old 33 17
Cote Howard H       Edward   Sophie Anderson   09/11/1985 61   not buried body given to science          
Cote Raymond Elmer     Aunie A Edward   Sophie Anderson   05/24/1984 69   CH       S old 33 18
Cote William T 1910   Laura L Edward   Sophie Anderson   02/16/1986 75   CH       S old 39 1
Courchaine Archie 1901   Blanche         1980     CH       S NA 14 1
Courchaine Blanche 1906   Archie         1997     CH       S NA 14 2
Courchaine Delia 4-4-1863 Canada Archie   Canada     11/28/1928 65 CH FH              
Craig Priscilla Ellen Kelsey 12-28-1862 Houghton, MI J William Craig Martin Kelsey NewYork State Ellen Brenno?n Ireland 11-11-1937 74 CH Houghton, MI              
Croteau baby  6-25-1914 Michigan   Athanase Croteau Canada Margaret Crowley Michigan  6-25-1914 0 CH HAN prematurely born            
Croteau Russell  11-26-1902 Michigan   Arthanase Croteau Canada Margaret Crowley Michigan  1-16-1916 13 CH HAN              
LAST NAME FIRST NAME DOB Place of birth Spouse name Father's name Father's birthplace Mother's maiden name Mother's birthplace DOD AGE died where: buried where Other comments     Stone section Block lot
Daavettila John Benjamin 11-29-1875 Ylitor?is, Finland           12/04/1950 75 CH FH              
De Caire Lucina LePage 5-30-1870 Houghton, MI Joseph DeCaire Eustache LePage Canada Lucy Monette Canada 5-18-1937 66 CH Houghton, MI              
DeMarse Louis 5-18-1875 Michigan   Verma DeMarse Canada Adel Bushay Michigan  2-24-1914 61 CH HO              
Demo William   Finland Anna Samuel Demo Finland Anna Neuman Finland  4-6-1921 71 CH FH              
Despins Ellen 11-19-1877 Wisc William Despins James O'Hara Ireland Ellen Connly Canada 8-19-1933 66 CH Menominee, MI            
Destramp Robert Howard  10-17-1923 Chassell, MI   Joseph Destramp Chassell, MI Marian Courchaine Chassell, Mi  11-15-1923 1 mo. CH HO              
Destrampe Albert  6-14-1918 Chassell, MI   Arthur Destrampe Canada Rose Anne Carpenter Canada  8-15-1918 2 CH CH              
Destrampe Albert Joseph 12-23-1924 Chassell, MI   Archie Destrampe Canada Rosemond Carpenter   01/22/1925 30 days CH CH              
Destrampe Alice Mae 6-6-1926             5-18-80 53   CH       S old 32 1
Destrampe Charles  1-5-1912 Houghton, MI   Arthur Destrampe Canada Rosanna Carpenter Canada  10-5-1912 9 mths CH CH              
Destrampe Clarence A 8-17-1913     Charles Destrampe   Josephine Martell   3-25-1989     CH       S old 32 4
Destrampe Deudonne  6-13-1851 Canada   Frank Destrampe Canada Delia Chereau Canada  11-14-1917 66 CH HO              
Destrampe Edwidge 4-22-1866 Bradley, Ill Peter Destrampe Francis Marcotte Canada Elmar Legris Canada 2-2-1937 70 CH FH              
Destrampe Elizabeth  11-23-1916 Michigan   Charles Destrampe Michigan Josephine Mar?tell Michigan  11-25-1916 3 days CH FH              
Destrampe Emil   Canada Odil Destrampe Joseph Destrampe Canada Zy Flurine? Canada 12-20-1932 76 CH FH              
Destrampe Henry J 6-18-1909             3-24-1988 78   CH TEC 5 US ARMY WWII   S old 41 9
Destrampe Leona  5-25-1918 Chassell, MI   Joseph Destrampe Chassell, MI Marian Courchaine Chassell, MI  9-24-1923 5 CH HO              
Destrampe Mary 10-5-1847 Canada   Louise Courchaine Canada Sophie Jeanovich? Canada 02/05/1924 76 CH HO              
Destrampe Reatea 9-14-1924 Chassell, MI   Joseph Destrampe Chassell Marian Courchaine Chassell MI 08/29/1925 11 mths CH FH              
Destrampe Rene Louis       Peter Destrampe   Edwidge Marcotte   07/27/1989 88   CH Cath rec only            
Destrampe  Margaret 3-20-1908 Michigan   Charles Destrampe Michigan Josephine Martell Michigan 10-20-1908 7m CH Houghton, MI              
DeVriendt Peter               1-18-1905 46   CH       S org W 20
Deziel baby girl  2-25-1913  Houghton Co., MI   John Deziel Houghton, MI Leopoldine Dufrense Canada  2-25-1913 0 CH CH prematurely born            
Deziel Leopoldine 5-21-1879 Canada   Anton Dufresne Canada Mary Lupren Canada  3-3-1913 34 CH HO              
Deziel Marie Adelie  2-25-1913 Houghton Co., MI   John Deziel Houghton, MI Leopoldine Dufresne Canada  2-25-1913 0 CH CH prematurely born            
Diedrick Blanche P       Thomas PrudHomme Marie Gagnon   01/20/1984 86   CH Cath rec only            
Dostaler Heton  4-27-1882 Canada   Louis Dostaler Canada Nomine Destrampe Canada 06/14/1926 44 CH FH              
Dostaler Louis 10-25-1880 St Cath Bert Canada   Louis Dostaler   Naomi Destrampe ? 06/11/1950 69 CH FH              
Dostelar Noimie 11-25-1852 Canada   Francois Destrampe Canada Eloise LaFourloise Canada 4-26-1912 60y,5m,1d CH Houghton, MI              
Dostelar Ramond 1911 Michigan   Phillip Dostelar Canada Mary Meyers Lake Linden 1-27-1912 6m CH CH              
Drapeau Adeline Gareau Pichette 2-28-1846 Joliet PQ Canada F.X. Drapeau Hyacinth Gareau Canada Ursule Theriault Canada 07/03/1930 34 CH FH              
Drapeau Frank 5-27-1831 Canada   Charles Drapeau Canada Veronique Couture Canada 10-12-1909 78y,4m,14d CH Houghton, MI              
Dubois Mary  1-14-1913 Chassell, MI   Oscar Dubois Canada Marie an Morier Canada  1-14-1913 0 CH CH premature delivery            
Dubois Mary Ann 11-20-1893 Canada   August Morin Canada Angele P?erryean?? Canada  1-21-1913 34 CH HO              
Dufresne Mary  7-7-1833 Canada Anthony Theodore Lampin Canada   Canada  8-9-1922 89 CH HO              
LAST NAME FIRST NAME DOB Place of birth Spouse name Father's name Father's birthplace Mother's maiden name Mother's birthplace DOD AGE died where: buried where Other comments     Stone section Block lot
Ecke Edgar J 1928             7-12-1962 34   CH       S old 8 1
Edgerton Mary 10-19-1837 Michigan   Peter Crebassa Canada Nancy Rosseau Canada 7-28-1910 72y,9m,9d CH L'ANSE, MI              
Egmon John Fredrick  6-9-1841 Sweden Carolina Lars Egmon Sweden   Finland  8-15-1921 80 CH FH              
Ekman Carolina  4-26-18?? Sweden   And. Arvid Zaube Sweden Catherine Zaube Sweden  12-14-1916 81 CH FH              
Elinrsing? baby boy               12-29-? baby   CH         old 7 16.5
Elsila Charles                     CH         org O 4
Elsila Edwin J 1913             11/06/1965 52 Hancock, MI CH       S old 14 4
Elsila Elma Marian  10-3-1917 Chassell, MI   Herman Elsila Finland Mabel Mattson Michigan  1-21-1919 1 CH CH              
Elsila Hilma Josephina Backman 4/13/1888 Calumet, MI William Elsila John Bachman       1-28-1936 47 CH CH  HTLC church rec dod= 1/25/1936   org H 9
Elsila Jennie  1-1-1913 Chassell, MI   Matt Elsila, Jr Finland Hilda Kokko Jacobsville, MI  1-3-1913 2 days CH ?              
Elsila Josephina 1862 Finland Mav? Abram Kursi Finland   Finland  7-4-1918 56 CH CH              
Elsila Matti 9/28/1856 Pyhäjoki, OL Finland Josephine Elsila         03/01/1933 76 CH CH         org H 14
Elsila Nancy Hilma ? Chassell, MI single Adolph Pakkola Ahmeet, MI Helmi Elsila Chassell, MI 03/20/1938 --y2m16d CH CH       S org I 9
Elsila Verner Wilfred 3-18-1910 Chassell, MI   Matte Elsila Finland Hilda Kokko Jacobsville 9-10-1910 9m,22d CH CH              
Elsila William 9/29/1884 Oulunlaani Finland Hilma Backman Matt Elsila Finland Josephine Finland 06/21/1934 49 CH CH HTLC church rec = place of birth= Pyhajaella, OL S org H 11
Ervast Ann E 1915   Russell K Joseph Klobucher   Frances Wi?lmas   02/22/1992 76 Marquette, MI CH       S old 34 6
Ervast Russell K, Sr 1913   Ann E Andrew Ervast   Lydia Repack   03/16/1990 76 Marquette, MI CH       S old 34 5
Eskelinen Wagner Wilbert 9-30-1911             11/27/2000 89y 1m 28d Marquette, MI CH PFC US ARMY WWII, cremains S old 28 16
Eskola Sakris/Sakari 1870             05/21/1940 69 Hancock, MI CH       2xS? old C 14
Faford Telephore 5-2-1864 Canada   Jos Faford Canada Amelia Laplante Canada 4-20-1908 44y,1m,18d CH Houghton, MI              
Fesing Mary Cordelia   Hancock, MI George Fesing James Ross Glascow, Scotland Almina Moon NewYork 1-21-1935 67y1mo4d CH Houghton, MI              
Fezotte Louis ~ 1859 Canada single Louis Fezotte Canada Peletien Canada  5-31-1923 64 CH HO              
Fish                       CH         org W 16
Fisher Anna Irene Myrtle 10-22-1924 Chassell, MI   George Fisher Michigan Esther Peterson Michigan 12/27/1924 2 mths CH Baraga MI              
Fisher Elmer 10-10-1908 Michigan   William Fisher Michigan Malvina Labarge Canada 6-21-1908 2y,8m,10d CH CH              
Fisher Opal 6-4-1903 Michigan   William Fisher Michigan Malvina Labarge Canada 6-21-1908 5y,16d CH CH              
Fisher Victor A. 11-9-1907 Michigan   William Fisher Michigan Malvina Laberge Canada 11-18-1908 9d CH CH              
Fisher William 5-29-1868 Cheboygan MI Malvina Daniel Fisher   Margaret Chevallier   12/08/1928 57 CH BA              
Fleurent Alec   Canada single          1-31-1914 ~ 64 CH CH              
Fontaine Agnes 7-26-1863 Canada Archie  Peter Cordvinal Canada unk Canada 07/11/1945 81 CH FH              
Fontaine Archie 4-4-1868or1858 Canada Agnes Fontaine Joseph Fontaine Canada     11-14-1931 73 CH FH              
Forest Joseph                7-6-1915 ~ 56 CH HO              
Fortian John ~ 1855 Canada single          1-29-1923 68 CH HO              
Foshey Frank ? Canada single unk Canada unk Canada 1-27-1938 ~ 86 CH FH              
Fountaine Telesphore Bernard 4-25-1924             2-4-1990 65 Hancock, MI CH FN US NAVY WWII   S old 32 3
Francis John Eugene 3-21-1926 Chassell, MI   John Francis Finland Eugene Burdick Hancock, MI 04/05/1926 15 days CH CH              
Funk William Herbert 3-14-1885 Wisconsin single William H Funk Ft Alkinson Ida Funk PerreysBurg, NY  9-5-1913 28 CH HO              

Please Note: We did our best to read the originals, but the lettering was often difficult to decipher. Also some families used V instead of W, R could be mistaken for K, i for e or u, some names were listed under different spellings in different original documents etc. 
This list actually contains some Chassell residents who died previous to 1952 (found in Dr. Willson's death certificate books)  that lived in Chassell, but were buried elsewhere as indicated in the "buried where" column: CH=Chassell, FH=Forest Hill (in Portage Township), HAN=Hancock, HO=Houghton, LS=Lake Side (outside of Hancock), LV=Lake View (W of Calumet).  Other abbreviations used in the data base: S= There was a Stone found in the cemetery for this person; NA= Their plot is located in the New Addition of the cemetery; old= Their plot is located in the old section of the cemetery; org= Their plot is located in the orginal section of the cemetery, the blocks in the original section were numbered by the alphabet A thru W.