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LAST NAME FIRST NAME DOB Place of birth Spouse name Father's name Father's birthplace Mother's maiden name Mother's birthplace DOD AGE died where: buried where Other comments     Stone section Block lot
Maata Matilda   Finland John Erick Pojan Finland Marie Liisa Kauppila Finland  4-6-1922 37 CH LS              
Maatt?a Matt Wilberd  2-14-1914 Michigan   Thomas Maatta Finland Kate Saari Finland  9-9-1916 2 CH LS              
Machonuski John   Poland Mary Schnoedel         11-30-1938 84 CH Calumet, MI              
MacKrain Anna Louise Haarala 09/28/1909 Chassell, MI William         03/18/1970 60 CH CH marr William 2/16/1935: parents of Margaret, William, Patricia, John, Charles, Sally, Thomas. S old 9 7
MacKrain William 02/02/1907 Chassell, MI Anna Louise         6-7-1985 78   CH       S old 9 6
Mackrain William Gordon 10-6-1937             05/22/2001 63y 7m 16d   CH cremains     S NA 25 ?
Madden Mary 8-21-1859 Canada   James Hamron Canada Unknown Unknown 10-9-1908 49y,1m,18d CH Houghton, MI              
Madden Mary 5-27-1862 Canada   Michal Kennedy Ireland Johana Kelly Ireland  4-10-1913 50 CH Ishpeming, MI              
Madden Thomas D. 12-20-1852 Quebec Canada       Mary Hannon   07/21/1930 77 CH FH              
Makela John Felix 1893             10/30/1979 86y 9m 15d Cloquet, MN CH         old 15 3
Makela Miriam I 1918             04/23/1997 79y 3m 4d Ironwood, MI CH         old 12 14
Maki / Makinen Edla Susanna  8-20-1922 Chassell, Mi   Jalmar Maki Finland Hilma Koski Finland  8-20-1922 4 hrs. CH CH prematurely born            
Maki Ellen E 1918             1918     CH       S org R 9
Maki / Makinen Emil Nickola  8-20-1922 Chassell, MI   Jalmar Maki / Makinen Finland Hilma Koski / Ponteskoski Finland  8-20-1922 19 hrs. CH CH prematurely born            
Maki Fay O 1921   Jacob W         12-31-82 61   CH       S old 3 10
Maki Jacob Waldemar 4-12-1921   Fay O         7-6-1999 78 Iron Mountain, MI CH PVT US ARMY WWII   S old 3 9
Maki John 5-8-1879 Laihia Finland single Au?tti Hogspora       11/16/1946 67 CH LS, Hancock, MI            
Maki John C 1960             10-15-1986 26   CH         old 15 4
Maki Katherine 1887   Victor S         1-30-71 83   CH       S old 3 12
Maki Lempi Sylvia 1916             05/01/1937 21y 19d Howell, MI CH       S org C 11
Maki Mrs Frank               12/01/1963     CH              
Maki Victor Solomon 1887   Katherine         12/10/1951 64y 10d Baraga/L'Anse, MI CH       S old 3 11
Maki Walter I 1887             12/02/1944 57y 7m 16d CH CH       S org F 18
Makinen Eino W "Bill" 5-30-1907             09/05/1994 87y 3m 6d L'Anse, MI CH       S NA 6 12
Makinen Emma Sofia 7-27-1864 Kohemaki Finland Frans Makinen Frederick Ranko       3-30-1939 74 CH FH              
Makinen Frank 6-18-1864 Kokemaki Finland Emma         02/24/1948 84 CH FH              
Makinen John 7-15-1861 Su?najoki, Finland Maria Adolphina Makinen  -- Luikola Finland Leena Finland 4-30-1937 75 CH FH              
Makinen Maria Adolphina Leppanen Nurmo, Finland John Makinen     Maria Leppanen Finland 07/10/1936 78y0m7d CH FH HTLC church rec= buried in CH        
Makki Ellien  1-18-1918 Chassell, MI   Victor Makki Finland Kate Niemi Finland  9-7-1918 7 mos. CH CH              
Malinen Charles Kalle 5-20-1874 Finland           04/19/1951 76 CH LS Vault, Hancock, MI            
Mansikka Brita Kaisa Prykari 5-2-1850 Kemi, Finland Herman John Prykari Finland Marie Finland 06/24/1940 90 CH CH       S org G 9
Mansikka Herman 3-25-1848 Chassell, MI A?I?n?ta Anti Mansikka Finland Reika Maula Finland 09/14/1924 76 CH CH       S org N 6
Mansikka Sophia/Sofia               12/03/1942 56y 2m 2d Hancock, MI CH         org G 8
Mantta John William 8-14-1895 Vahakyro Finland single Jacob Mantta Finland Liisa Trasti Finland 08/23/1929 34 CH, Pike Bay FH              
Marain Allice Katharine 6-22-1923 Chassell, MI   Donal Maraun Canada Alice Katharine Destrampe Chassell 04/24/1925 1 CH HO              
Marcelain William 12-1876 Michigan   Thos. Marcelain Canada Lea Dephocette Canada  7-30-1914 37 CH Lake Linden, MI            
Marco Lucille  1-17-1897 Laurium, MI   Peter Marco Italy Nicreti Margarit Italy  7-21-1918 21 CH, Portage Entry Calumet, MI              
Martti Anna Wappu/Valpuri Kakkonen 2-15-1884 Kuhmonimi Finland John Tuomas Kolikonen Finland     08/02/1940 56 CH CH       S org B 12.5
Martti John/Johan Edward 3-25-1884 Kemi Finland Anna Wappu Pekka Rantasuarttia? Finland Amanda Sofia Finland 01/30/1943 58 CH CH       S org B 12
Masalin Amanda                     CH         org C 15.5
Masalin Salomon 4-19-1865 Wulasari Finland Amanda Juliana Heikki Masalin Finland Anna Lisa Nerg Finland 12/30/1928 63 CH CH       S org C 15
Massie Delin?a 8-15-1856 Canada August Massie Octave Schartrand Canada   Canada 7-15-1934 77 CH CH              
Massie Noel Eileen 1933   Edward Erwin Arndt   Florence Mausa?   04/26/1997 63 Hancock, MI CH       S old 40 2
Massie Shannon Marie 3-8-1977             4-24-1978 13 mo   CH       S old 21baby sec 2
Massie                       CH         old 35 1
Massie                       CH         old 35 2
Massie                       CH         org W 21
Massie                       CH         org W 22
Massie August               03/20/1937 82   CH dod 1934?, church rec say dod 3/30/1937 old 31 1
Massie Mrs August     August M         1930     CH         old 31 2
Masters Ruben   Michigan divorced Louis Masters Michigan Marie Bennetts Michigan 10-2-1933 66 CH FH              
Matchen William                     CH         org U 16
Matero Edward 11-1-1882 Puolangaka OL Finland single John Matero Finland Maria Stiina Oikarinen Finland 05/25/1933 50 CH CH         org A 14
Matero Sanna Kristiina 5-27-1877 Ilmajoki WI Finland Henry Peter Palonevre Finland Helena? Finland 07/27/1947   CH MtView, So Range, MI            
Matson Katherine Lizzie ~ 1833 Finland Wm Sirja Finland   Finland  6-8-1923 90 CH LS              
Mattila Charles I 6-26-1900 Jacobsville, MI Jeanette Ruonavaara Bernhard Mattila Norway Anna Tuomala Finland 4-30-1939 38 CH FH              
Mattson Adolph     single William Mattson Finland Katherine Sirjo Finland  8-30-1920 48 CH LS              
Mattson Annie                     CH         org F 21
Mattson Elmer Richard 07/22/1901 Chassell, MI Pearl M         04/28/1967 65y 9m 6d Hancock, MI CH marr Pearl M 11/3/1934: parents of Shirley, Donald, Elmer, Gerald S old 9 14
Mattson Gerald Robert 1953             11/11/1982 29   CH         old 20 15
Mattson Mary Ruth  11-16-1920 Chassell, MI   Yalmar Mattson Michigan Mamie M Kaskila Michigan  11-16-1920 stillborn CH ? stillborn            
Mayotte Laurence 1-25-1902 Champion, MI   Arthur Mayotte   Mary Vanin or Varir?   05/21/1952 50 CH FH              
McDermott Lillian Isabelle 2-3-1930  L'Anse, MI  Joseph Henry McDermott  Uno A. Kohtala  Finland
 Laimi Amanda Virtanen/ Wirtanen Finland  03/20/1995 65y 1m 18d CH CH Marr Joseph Henry McDermott 4/13/1950; parents of Gail, Chris, Pamela, Thomas      S old 9 12
McKay Marcus 9-15-1892 Wakefield, MI Eulula McKay Michael McKay Rockland, MI Floernce Rocheleau Neilsvill, WI 8-15-1939 46 CH Iron River, MI              
McKenny Elizabeth  4-3-?? England James Wm. Hendra England Elizabeth Werre?y England  1-11-1923 63y 9m 8d CH FH              
Melteri Eriik     Lydia               CH       S org H 7
Melteri Lydia     Eriik               CH       S org H 8
Merila Amalia 1882 Sotkamo Finland Erick Antti Mikkola Finland Helena Hyvonen Finland 06/29/1930 48 CH CH?              
Merila Edna Kathrine Merila 1920   Eino E         10/20/1979 59y0m6d Hancock, MI CH       S old 28 7
Merila Eino E 1913   Edna K         9-7-1985 72   CH cremains     S old 28 8
Merila Erick 4-5-1877 Sotkamo Finland Amalia Erick Merilainen Finland Liisa ?  Finland 09/11/1928 51 CH LS              
Merrill baby boy 2-24-1911 Houghton Co., MI   W F Merril Michigan Lulu Merril Michigan 2-24-1911 0 CH CH stillborn            
Merrill Li?la 6-22-1880 Michigan William William Gerard Indiana Elizabeth Craue? Indiana 09/20/1925 45 CH FH              
Merrill William F.  11-12-1868 Chassell, MI           11/22/1926 58 CH HO              
Mertshing Liesbeth 5-31-1887             3-31-1900     CH       S org L 20
Metsa Ida S 1885   William         1-16-1959 73   CH       S old 7 15
Metsa Urho W 1913   Helmi         10/07/1994 81y 1m 7d Hancock, MI CH       S old 7 14
Metsa William 1885   Ida S         1920     CH body moved here in 1960 from row M S old 7 16
Metsa William  12-18-1886 Finland Anna Metsa Adolph Metsa Finland   Finland  2-18-1920 34 CH CH              
Metteri Edward P 1924     Paul   Lempi   07/13/1999 74 10m 23d Calumet, MI CH       S old 28 4
Metteri Erick 5-14-1873   Lydia         1-19-1939               ?    
Metteri Lempi Aleta 1903   Paul         08/15/1970 67 Hancock, MI CH       S old 28 6
Metteri Lydia 12-12-1869 Wirtaa WI Finland Erick Metteri Alexander Kahila Finland Juntiina Finland 3-7-1936 66 CH CH              
Metteri Paul E 1897   Lempi A         5-1-1977     CH       S old 28 5
Meyers John H.  8-12-1858 Germany   John Henry Germany ? Bradsttidt Germany 09/15/1926 68 CH FH              
Michaud Adolph 5-6-1899  Paradise Rd, Chassell, MI Lucille  Edward  St.Malanie, Quebec  Laura Bruneau  St.Malanie, Quebec 12-15-1999     CH siblings: Edward,MaryL, Olive,Desire,Henry, Amanda, Edith,Oliver,Herman,James, Willard,Stella,Horace,Esther.      S old 27 6
Michaud Lucille D 1908   Adolph Eugene LeMan   Winnifred Kersoff   08/27/1985 76   CH Cath rec say dod 8/31/1985   S old 27 5
Miettinen Ida S 1890   John A         10/21/1964 76 Hancock, MI CH       S old 21 16
Miettinen John A 1883   Ida S         02/01/1972 88 Hancock, MI CH       S old 21 17
Miettinen John? A?                               old 21 20
Miettinen Waino J 01/05/1908             12/13/1973 65 Hancock, MI CH       S old 21 10
Mikkola ?unk                     CH         org M 7
Mikkola Henry John 3-14-1875 Finland   Andrew Mikkola       02/19/1951 75 Portage Entry, CH,MI FH              
Mikkola Kristian 11-13-1879 Finland   Tuomas Mikkola       04/17/1951 71 Sturgeon River Dist, CH, MI FH              
Mikkola  Antti 9-6-1842 Solkamo Finland Lena Pekka Mikkola Finland Liisa ? Unknown 08/24/1929 86 CH CH              
Miller Charles  9-27-1911 Michigan   David Miller Michigan Rose Lameau Michigan  6-16-1914 2 CH CH              
Miller Deila 1880 Michigan William Miller Chris Zeigler Germany Alvina Feilon Canada  1-3-1919 39 CH LS              
Miller Mary 4-17-1861 Dukinen O.L. Finland Thomas Mikko Niemi Finland   Finland 08/23/1945 84 CH Atlantic Mine, MI            
Misslitz Doris  1-24-1846 Germany On?ar? Baugar?ur?n? Germany   Germany  11-24-1923 77 CH Menominee, MI            
Misslitz Dorothy 3-3-1922 Michigan   Frank Misslitz Michigan Esther Cahoun Michigan 07/26/1927 5 CH FH              
Mitchell John J               11-3-1918     CH PVT Co.F 34th INF 7th Div   S heroes    
Moe Engeborg 7-22-1860 Norway Even Moe Elef. Paulson Kregnes Norway Randie Trandmar Norway 6-15-1936 75 CH FH              
Moe Evan 10-25-1860 Norway Ingeborg Moe John Moe Norway Ingeborg Krigness Norway 1-17-1933 72 CH FH              
Moilanen Gloria Elisabeth 1929     Lauluma       10/19/1941 12y 1m 27d Hancock, MI CH near org A 3&4, daughter of Lauluma (Saima & Matt??) S org A ?
Moilanen Gloria Hannah                     CH         org A 3
Moilanen Hannah 6-7-1874 Konnus Waasa Finland Jacob Moilanen Erkki Lundi Finland Anna Mustola Finland 07/23/1949 75 Portage Entry, Chassell, MI Mt View, South Range, MI            
Moirier Leo  11-7-1910 Houghton, MI   Dona Moirier Canada Alice Destrampe Chassell, MI  10-7-1912 1 CH   cremated            
Monette August 6-15-1855 Canada Mathilda Monette August Monette Canada Lucy Riell Canada 5-21-1933 77 CH FH              
Morin Alphonsine Cote 8-5-?? Lewistown, Maine Silas Morin Edward Cote Canada Emma Reqist Canada 12-22-1937 58 CH Houghton, MI              
Morin Amede 4-26-1869 Canada   Antoine Morin Canada Gustina Gautier Canada 9-20-1910 41y,4m, 24d CH CH              
Morin Elmer J 1902   Ethel M         2-3-1956 53 Hancock, MI CH       S old 21 6
Morin Ethel M 1909   Elmer J         2-18-1988 78   CH       S old 21 7
Morin Frank 8-22-1867 Canada   Antoine Morin Canada Gustavi Gauthier Canada 5-21-1910 42y,8m,29d CH CH              
Morin Mary Kay 1947             8-28-1953 6 Marquette, MI CH       S old 21 5
Morris Melissa  5-8-1843 Canada Silas Elias Clark Canada      2-25-1923 79 CH HO              
Muinonen Hiskias                     CH         org A 23
Mustonen Kalle Jacob 5-21-1840 ? Elsa ? Mustonen Finland ? Huuska Finland 07/02/1926 86 CH LS              
Mustonen Sophia 8-8-1875 Saraisniemi, Finland Charles Mustonen Paavo Kylmanen Finland Liisa Kemppainen Finland 8-7-1938 62 CH LS              
Mutkala Pearl M Huhta               05/17/1992 78y 9m 22d Hancock, MI CH same Pearl Huhta as on stone with Elmer R Mattson old 25 8
Myllari Saara  2-14-1831 Finland Henry Henry Wiikkila Finland   Finland  7-24-1920 89 CH FH              

Please Note: We did our best to read the originals, but the lettering was often difficult to decipher. Also some families used V instead of W, R could be mistaken for K, i for e or u, some names were listed under different spellings in different original documents etc. 
This list actually contains some Chassell residents who died previous to 1952 (found in Dr. Willson's death certificate books)  that lived in Chassell, but were buried elsewhere as indicated in the "buried where" column: CH=Chassell, FH=Forest Hill (in Portage Township), HAN=Hancock, HO=Houghton, LS=Lake Side (outside of Hancock), LV=Lake View (W of Calumet).  Other abbreviations used in the data base: S= There was a Stone found in the cemetery for this person; NA= Their plot is located in the New Addition of the cemetery; old= Their plot is located in the old section of the cemetery; org= Their plot is located in the orginal section of the cemetery, the blocks in the original section were numbered by the alphabet A thru W.