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LAST NAME FIRST NAME DOB Place of birth Spouse name Father's name Father's birthplace Mother's maiden name Mother's birthplace DOD AGE died where: buried where Other comments     Stone section Block lot Other comments          
Gagnon Mary  4-19-1844 Canada   August Monette Canada Lucy Riele Canada  2-2-1919 74 CH HO               acute ascending paralysis          
Gauthier Alida Lena 2-6-1885             2-10-1885     CH       S old 42?              
Gauthier Antoine 2-17-1852             9-21-1898     CH near org W 4 and near org 42 7/8  S old 42?   near org W 4 and near org 42 7/8         
Gauthier Joseph Antoine 3-28-1882             6-4-1892     CH       S old 42?              
Ginter John R 1920   Mary E         1989     CH       S NA 3 5   deed bk cover & bl bk    
Girard Cora May 3-11-1891     George   Johanna   8-29-1898     CH "daughter of George & Johanna Girard" says on stone, not sure if in lot 12 or 13 S org W 12&13 "daughter of George & Johanna Girard" says on stone, not sure if in lot 12 or 13
Girard Johanna 6-2-?? Ireland widow unk Ireland unk Ireland 07/25/1946 84 CH FH               cardiac insufficiency, senility          
Gitzen Joseph Jr. 7-12-1924 Chassell, MI   Joseph Gitzen Lake Linden  Eugenie Jones Canada 07/12/1924 stillborn CH FH               Hematoma, pressure on cord, primapara        
Glasson Alice C Louise? 1948     Louis Cersosimo   Wilma   06/17/1987 38   CH       S NA 9 14            
Golden Ann K 1925   Donald R         1999     CH       S W 42 7            
Golden Anne R       Thomas Zager   Rose Butina   11/02/2000 75   CH Cath rec only             Cath rec only          
Golden Donald R 11-18-1922   Ann K         7-25-1984 61   CH CPL US ARMY WWII   S W 42 8 CPL US ARMY WWII          
Gonge?on Rosana  12-7-1910 Michigan   Edw. Gongron Michigan Elizabeth Fish Michigan  7-28-1914 3 CH CH               peritonitis          
Goodreau Clara 8-12-1849 Canada Edward Vitale Gamasche Canada Genevieve Thebeau   09/11/1928 81 CH FH               Senility, artero teleroses.          
Goodreau Edward unk Canada   Edward Goodreau Canada Therese Matat Canada 1934 85 CH FH dod btwn 8-14-34 & 11-1-34           cerebral hemmorage, artero selerosis, senility; dod btwn 8-14-34 & 11-1-34  
Goudreau Emma  3-12-1848 Canada Raisn Peter Berrye Canada Pauline Gangerian Canada  2-23-1922 73 CH HO               senile duration, refused nourishments        
Goudreau Rasin  12-12-1843 Canada Emma Simon Goudreau Canada Vermch? Rowe Canada  10-12-1921 77 CH HO               cerebral hemorrhage, senility calesareous arteries      
Gougoun Tillie  5-8-1891 Ishpeming, MI Eugene Gougoun Remie Houde Canada Mary Legarry Canada  3-22-1920 28 CH HO               pneumonia, premature labor          
Gougr?oun baby boy  3-22-1920 Chassell, MI   Eugene Gougoun Michigan Lilly Houde Ishpeming, MI  3-22-1920 0 CH HO               no cause stated          
Gray Willard E 3-1-1893 Menominee, MI   Fred Gray   Emma E White   12/16/1950 57 CH FH               adenocarcnoma lungs, multiple glanduler metasteses      
Grigg Samuel W? 1-1-1852 England Katherine Grigg John Grigg England Sarah Watters England 11-22-1936 84 CH LV               cirrhosis of lever, carcceronic of stomach        
Gross Clarence B ? Owattane?, Minn Rosetta Calvin B Gross        12-5-1922 54 CH Oshkosh, WI               carcinoma of stomach          
Guilbeau Joseph 6 - ? Canada   John Guilbeau Canada Marrie Jermura 08/12/1927 77 CH HO               Natural causes          
Guili Louis 1919   Rose Enrico Guili   Elizabeth Moni   07/21/1999 80   CH stone btwn Berryman old 30.5 & Witto old 28 2/3 S ?   stone btwn Berryman old 30.5 & Witto old 28 2/3 NIB        
Haapala Adele Kolehmainen 8-23-1917             10-20-1982 65   CH cremains     S old 10 7 cremains          
Haapala Aino                     CH         org N 4            
Haapala Edwin J 11-19-1917             5-1-1983 65   CH TEC US ARMY WWII   S old 10 6 TEC US ARMY WWII          
Haapala Frederick E 9-20-1929             8-16-1962 33   CH PFC 2 B N6 ARMY CAV REGT; or born 1828 S old 10 5 PFC 2 B N6 ARMY CAV REGT; or born 1828      
Haapala Jacob (Jaakko) 4/17/1884 Sotkamo, Finland Sanna Erika         09/03/1977 93 Hancock, MI CH       S old 10 3            
Haapala John G 6-6-1924             9-4-1990     CH PFC US ARMY WWII, PURPLE HEART S old 10 4.5? or  PFC US ARMY WWII, PURPLE HEART nib as buried      
Haapala Sanna Erika Smith 2/2/1890 Hailuoto, Finland Jacob         11-11-1960 70   CH married 6/11/1910, parents of Bertha Irene S old 10 4 married 6/11/1910, parents of Bertha Irene        
Haapola Ina Arina 2-4-1927 Chassell, MI   Josh Haapola Finland Sanna Smith Finland 02/18/1927 14 days CH CH               Gastroenteritis          
Hakola Alma 1891             1921     CH       S org N 18            
Hale George B 1906   Marian N         1989     CH Cremains     S NA 12 8 Cremains deed bk cover & bl bk    
Hale George B 6-10-1870 Fowlerville, MI Mary Hale Corydon F Hale Ohio Jennie Fisher unk 11-1-1934 64 CH FH name could be Hole instead of Hale         carcinoma of kidney; name could be Hole instead of Hale    
Hale Marian N 1916   George B         1992     CH Cremains     S NA 12 8.5 Cremains deed bk cover & bl bk    
Halme Sylvia S               03/27/1989 81 Hancock, MI CH                 HTLC only      
Haltunen Lyla Anna 1903   Wayne M         3-15-1990 86 Hancock, MI CH       S old 8 10            
Haltunen Wayne M 1905   Lyla Anna         2-7-83 77   CH       S old 8 9            
Hamar Edward K 4-30-1928             6-7-1991 63 Marquette, MI CH moved 6-92     S NA 13 11 moved 6-92 bl bk, deed bk      
Hamina Hilma Helen 1909   S Leonard         3-17-1997 87 Hubbell, MI CH       S old 27 16            
Hamina Sven Leonard 1906   Hilma         11-25-1995 89 Hubbell, MI CH       S old 27 15            
Haud Caroline 1-21-1839 Canada Louis Houde Peter Leagerie Canada     07/25/1927 88 CH FH               Cardiac Insufficiency          
Heikkinen Daryl John 12-16-1959     Urho   Esther   03/21/1991 31y 3m 6d at sea off San Diego, CA CH US NAVY     S NA 15 3 US NAVY, died in military aircraft collision deed bk        
Heikkinen Ellen  5-22-1875 Finland Matt Holpainen Finland   Finland  3-20-1922 46 CH CH       S org N 12 lobar pneumonia          
Heikkinen Erik 9-1852 Finland   Erik Heikkinen Finland Vappu Moilanen Finland  1-1-1915 62 CH Mountain Hill Cem., South Range, MI           cerebral hemorrhage          
Heikkinen Matt  3-11-1875 Finland Ellen or Hellen Holpainen Paavo Heikkinen Finland Maria Kemppainen Finland  3-28-1922 47 CH CH       S org N 13 lobar pneumonia          
Heikkinen Urho 3-11-1924   Esther         03/07/1988 63y 11m 26d CH CH PFC US ARMY AIRCORPS WWII S NA 15 1 PFC US ARMY AIRCORPS WWII        
Heikkinen William ? Finland     Finland   Finland  10-22-1912 ~ 36 CH Askel, MI               struck by train          
Helberg Charles Nestor 2-23-1881 Portage Entry, Chassell, MI single Charles Helberg Finland Kuisa unk Finland 09/25/1946 65 CH CH       S org B 11 cebreal hemorage WS only, PW      
Helberg Kaisa Kreeta 11-30-1862 Finland single Kalle Helberg Finland Kaiss  Koppelo Finland 04/09/1930 67 CH CH         org I 21 Cancer of mouth and throat.          
Hendrickson Eric 10-1875 Kemissa OI Finland Margret Holappa Heikki Miller Finland Saara Wuakila Finland 4-18-1936 60 Hancock, MI CH HTLC churc rec= dod=4/17/1936 & place of death=CH, & dob=1872 org A 18 angina pectoris, artero sclerosis, HTLC churc rec= dod=4/17/1936 & place of death=CH, & dob=1872
Hendrickson Henry Edwin Wilfred 6-4-1917 South Range, MI single Emil Hendrickson Finland Jennie Maria Honkakoski 6-24-1931 14 CH CH               Cardiac Insufficiency following an attack of influenza, a subnormal child with heart on right side.
Hendrickson J. Emil 1884   Jennie M         8-30-1975 90   CH       S old 4 2            
Hendrickson Jennie Laila Christina 1-20-1912 South Range, MI single Emil Hendrickson Finland Jennie Maria Honkakoski Finland 2-18-1931 19 CH CH               Pulmonary Tuberculosis          
Hendrickson Jennie Maria Honkakoski 1876   J Emil         01/06/1958 81 Green Bay, WI CH age 81 yrs 25 days   S old 4 1 dropsy, age 81 yrs 25 days          
Hendrickson Laila 1912   Wilfred         1931     CH       S org H 18   WS only        
Hendrickson Margaret 6/15/1878 Central, MI           09/04/1963 85 Hancock, MI CH dod = 1964?       org A 19 dod = 1964?          
Hendrickson Roger Clayton 1953             9-24-78 24   CH       S old 4 14            
Hendrickson Wilfred 1917   Laila         06/24/1931 14y 27d Portage Entry, MI CH       S org H 17   NIB-WS only      
Henry Thomas               06/01/1987   Hancock, MI CH                 HTLC only      
Herrala Ema Andreas Carlo  2-11-1907 Michigan   Andrew Herrala Finland Mary Halla Finland 6-2-1907 3m,22d CH Jacobsville, MI               gastrio intestinar          
Hietala Carl Arthur 1940             3-10-2001 60 Livonia, MI CH       S NA 22 5 alzheimers disease bl bk, deed bk      
Hietala John Adolph 7-6-1869 Finland Ida Jaasko Peter Hietala Finland Kate Huttillla Finland 5-12-1932 62 CH FH               Gangrene of lung          
Hietala Peter Abram 12-18-1871 Sima Finland Maria Eugenia Hietala       4-24-1937 65 CH LV               acute detalalem of heart, asthma          
Hiisso John 1865   single   Finland      4-2-1918 53 CH CH               cerebral hemorrhage, alcoholic excess        
Hill Edward O 8/30/1886 Ilmajoki, Finland           4-24-1962 62   CH       S org V 6   NIB-WS only      
Hill Elmer J 5-10-1910             2-18-87 76   CH         old 20 11            
Hill Hannah O.S. Ohman 1887             1950     CH       S org V 5   NIB-WS only      
Hill Jean S 1909             1996     CH cremains?       old 20 11.5 cremains?          
Hill Ronald Elmer 1936             05/21/1938 1y 11m 23d Hancock, MI CH       S org E 14 pleurisy NIB-WS only      
Hill  Ruth Mirriam 4-12-1925 Chassell, MI   Eino Hill Michigan Elmi Rautio Michigan 03/22/1927 1 CH FH               Diptheria          
Hiltunen William Jonas 1872             12-2-1953 81 CH CH       S old 1 7 coronary occlusion          
Hirvi Alex 2-15-1892 Finland   Nikaoli Hirvi Finland Saara Lustila Finland  4-30-1914 22 CH FH               pulmonary tuberculosis          
Hodek Roger Ralph 6-15-1961     Ralph   Myrna H   7-25-1963 2 CH CH       S NA 23 8 drown in pond on Paradise Rd. bl bk, deed bk      
Hodgen?s Mary Jane 8-26-1842 New York William Hodgens   New York Lucey McKanistry Detroit MI 2-5-1932 47 CH FH               Cardiac Insufficiency, senility          
Holappa Anna Kaisa 3-25-1851 Puotanka Finaland Sakari Heikki Sutinen  Finland     05/28/1929 78 CH CH               Senility, gradual loss of senses.          
Holappa Edward J 1891 Donken, MI Jennie         01/05/1973 81 Detroit, MI CH       S org V 8   NIB-WS only      
Holappa Jennie 1894   Edward J         11/01/1971 76 Hancock, MI CH       S org V 7   NIB        
Holappa John E Sr 1-25-1917             12-26-74 57   CH TEC 3 US ARMY       old 20 16 TEC 3 US ARMY          
Holappa Kaise     Sakari               CH stone     S org T 4 stone          
Holappa Michael 1-6-1851 Puolanka Finland Susanna Sakari Holappa Finland     12/16/1928 77 CH LS               Hemorrhage, arterio sclerosis and senility        
Holappa Sakari     Kaise               CH stone     S org T 5 stone          
Holappa Sakarias 5-15-1848 Finland   Sakarias Holappa Finland   Finland  8-15-1914 66 CH CH               accidental drowning          
Holappa Sakaris                     CH         org A 13            
Holappa Sakarias   -- /29/1882 Houghton Co, MI           04/04/1934 51y 11m 5d CH CH all info from HTLC church rec, mth dob=kuktiksuella?     all info from HTLC church rec, mth dob=kuktiksuella?      
Holappa Sakris 4-1885 Houghton Co, MI single Skris Holappa Finland Anna Sutinen Finland 4-4-1934 49 CH CH               Suicide, shot gun wounds          
Holappa Sanna 2-24-1849 Finland Mike Peter Reinilaler Finland   Finland 04/11/1925 76 CH LS               Carcinoma of stomach           
Homer Chas Allen 01/01/1959 Hancock, MI   Richard Homer   Lorraine   01/01/1959 0 Hancock, MI CH died at birth             died at birth          
Hongakoski Fredricka 3-3-1851 Kuivaniemi OL Finland Andrew Hongakoski Johan Pekkonen Finland Anna Greta -- Finland 7-10-1938 87 CH Jacobsville, MI               general pelerosis, senility          
Honkakoski Andrew 1-17-1852 Oulein? L?aan Finland   Andrew Honkakoski Orjoer? Finland Anna Kleisila Oulean? L?aan Finland 03/30/1905 64 CH Jacobsville, MI               coroners jury suicide by hanging          
Honkakoski Charles 5-10-1895 Jacobsville single Matt Honkakoski Finland Maria Leuvaniemi Finland 01/29/1930 34 CH CH       S-temp org I 16 Found dead, probable weak heart.  NIB-WS        
Honkakoski Matt 12-18-1863 Iin Pitaja Finland Marie Leuvaniemi Antti Honkakoski Finland   Finland 3-6-1931 67 CH Jacobsville               Influenza with complete suppression of urine      
Honkakoski Waino Jalmar ~ 1897             11/09/1936 39y 1m 21d Portage Entry, MI CH "kenhkokuume"             "kenhkokuume"          
Honkonen David 4-15-1882 Finland Mary henry Honkonen Finland   Finland 10/30/1949 67 Snake River dist, Chassell, MI Forest Home, Newberry, MI             coronary thrombosic          
Honkoski Harold Richard 4-1-1927 Michigan   Richard Honkoski Michigan Lydia Carson New York 04/02/1927 1 day CH Jacobsville, MI               Mother suffered from acute articular rheumatism just previous to confinement.  
Houdde Louis unknown Canada     Canada     2-9-1909 73y CH Houghton, MI               Chronic nephritis          
Houde Mary 9-2-1854 Canada   Peter Lagaril Canada Andria Veretti Canada 3-20-1912 57y,6,18d CH Houghton, MI               unknown cause          
Houde Remir 5-9-1842 Canada   Frank Houde Canada Marie Cloutier Canada  2-27-1916 73 CH HO               chronic nephritis, senility          
Hruska Olive J 1917   John, Jr         3-7-1979 61   CH         old 18 6 stroke          
Huhta Alexander 1865   Sanna         1962     CH       S org A 0.5            
Huhta Arvo A 1912   Pearl M         11-14-1969 57   CH       S old 25 9            
Huhta Bertha  1-27-1920 Chassell, MI   Alex Huhta Finland Sana Ristimaki Finland  7-21-1922 2 CH CH         org O 5 accidental poisoning by Paris green        
Huhta Dana Marie               03/07/1944  --y 1m 16d Hancock, MI CH                 HTLC only      
Huhta Joanne E 1933   Rueben         10-23-88     CH       S NA 12 14   deed bk cover & bl bk    
Huhta Kuno Matt 02/05/1909 Chassell, MI Martha         03/04/1981 72y 29d Marquette, MI CH       S old 25 2            
Huhta Martha V 04/18/1911 Chassell, MI Kuno         08/24/1969 58 Hancock, MI CH HTLC rec= age 68     S old 25 3 HTLC rec= age 68          
Huhta Oliver A 2-15-1917   Thelma E         5-5-87 70   CH TEC 5 US ARMY WWII   S old 8 11 TEC 5 US ARMY WWII          
Huhta Pearl M 1913   Arvo         1992     CH stone says Pearl M 1913-1992, Pearl here or with Mattson or --- S old 25 9.5 stone says Pearl M 1913-1992, Pearl here or with Mattson or --- NIB        
Huhta Peter J. 6-12-1846 Sweden Freda John Erick Huhta Sweden     11/08/1925 79 CH LV               Gangrene of Lungs, senility          
Huhta Sanna 1887   Alexander         1945     CH       S org A 0            
Huhta Thelma E 1906   Oliver A         6-12-85 79   CH       S old 8 12            
Hukkala Matilda 7-1-1880 Finland John Hukkala Farne Waarala Finland Mitilda Waarla Finland 9-2-1935 53 CH LV               cerebral hemmorage, artero selerosis        
Hunsko Matt 8-13-1874 Finland Anna John Hunsko Finland Karolina Haukku Finland 09/15/1929 55 CH LS               Sepsis, ?, Rash.          
Huttuniss? Alex 6-6-1880 Sotkomo OL Finland   Isaac Huttuniss?       02/14/1951 70 Portage Entry, CH,MI FH Vault               accidental drowning while ice fishing        
Huuska Charles  7-16-1916 Houghton Co., MI   Matt Huuska Finland Anna Niemitalo Finland  7-16-1916 0 CH HAN prematurely born             prematurely born          
Ilola John  6-6-1871 Finland Maria Matt Ilola Finland Tina Mattola Finland  3-9-1920 48 CH LS               cardiac insufficiency, asthma          
Ilola Walfrid  12-12-1903 Michigan   John Ilola Finland Maria Kaartia Finland  3-7-1920 16 CH LS               pulmonary tuberculosis          
Intermill Webster Wayne 1909   Esther         2-15-1994 84 CH CH       S NA 18 5   bl bk & deed bk      
Isakson Elina Matilda 10-15-1911 Copper City   Isak Isakson Finland Heta Luoma Finland 06/15/1928 17 CH LV               Meningococcus Meningitis.          
Iskra Frank 3-1-1891             2-28-1920     CH       S org W 17            
Itoney Utunan/h 1937             10/25/1995 57y 9m 1927 CH or Hancock, MI CH name Utunah (as on burial slip) or Utunan S NA 15 8 name Utunah (as on burial slip) or Utunan        

Please Note: We did our best to read the originals, but the lettering was often difficult to decipher. Also some families used V instead of W, R could be mistaken for K, i for e or u, some names were listed under different spellings in different original documents etc. 
This list actually contains some Chassell residents who died previous to 1952 (found in Dr. Willson's death certificate books)  that lived in Chassell, but were buried elsewhere as indicated in the "buried where" column: CH=Chassell, FH=Forest Hill (in Portage Township), HAN=Hancock, HO=Houghton, LS=Lake Side (outside of Hancock), LV=Lake View (W of Calumet).  Other abbreviations used in the data base: S= There was a Stone found in the cemetery for this person; NA= Their plot is located in the New Addition of the cemetery; old= Their plot is located in the old section of the cemetery; org= Their plot is located in the orginal section of the cemetery, the blocks in the original section were numbered by the alphabet A thru W.