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LAST NAME FIRST NAME DOB Place of birth Spouse name Father's name Father's birthplace Mother's maiden name Mother's birthplace DOD AGE died where: buried where Other comments     Stone section Block lot
Nadeau John Berger  9-13-1921 Chassell, MI   M.A. Nadeau Nadeau, MI Louise Berger Dural Co., Wisc  9-13-1921 stillborn CH CH stillborn            
Nasko Edward A 1907             1-17-1997 89 Hancock, MI CH       S old 22 4
Neher Daniel  2-14-1899 Michigan   Martin Neher Hancock, MI Annie Dunn Michigan  11-19-1917 17 CH HAN accidental drowning          
Nelson Erick or Erik Oct 1856 - Nov 1925                   CH       S org Q 9
Nerg Esther 06/25/1923 Chassell, MI John         02/01/1990 66y 8m 1d Hancock, MI CH mother of Tom, Ann Marie (Narva) S NA 14 14
Niemei Emma 1867 Finland   Peter Tourpi Finland Madelaine Tourpi Finland 1-13-1910 42y,10m,7d CH CH              
Niemi Ahti  7-31-1921 Chassell, MI   Andrew Niemi Finland Olga Merila or Merilainen Finland  7-31-1921 stillborn CH CH stillborn            
Niemi Charles Yalmer 1881             10/21/1949 67y 5m 7d Hancock, MI CH       S old 1 6
Niemi Elsie Maria/Mary  7-28-1898 Pequaming, MI single Anselm Niemi Finland Oda Lehto Finland  12-26-1920 22 CH CH       S org P 16
Niemi Enoch 1886   Maria         12/16/1952 66y 7m 16d Hancock, MI CH       S old 1 14
Niemi Hilda               8-14-1964 76   CH         old 5 6
Niemi Ida Marie 4-17-1926 Chassell, MI       Jennie Niemi Houghton MI 04/27/1926 stillborn CH CH Stillborn            
Niemi Jacob 1851   Maria         1929     CH       S org K 10
Niemi Johan 6-24-1846 Finland Greta Stina Matti Niemi Finland Saari Kivela Finland 01/24/1924 78 CH CH              
Niemi John                     CH this may be the Niemi with the stone that only says Niemi, no 1st name. org S 8.9
Niemi John Raymond 08/26/1909 Chassell, MI Helga E         09/26/1987 78y 1m 0d CH CH       S old 4 16
Niemi Krita Stina 6-12-1847 Finland John ? Lehtola Finland   Finland 03/28/1926 78 CH CH              
Niemi Lempi Mirjam Margaret  12-5-1903 Michigan   Anselm Niemi Finland Oda Lehto Finland  5-6-1920 16 CH CH       S org P 17
Niemi Maria/Mary 11/27/1885 Oulu, Finland Enoch  -- Ohman       02/11/1952 67 Hancock, MI CH 2 daughters: Mrs Matt Laulumaa, Mrs Arthur Kaarto, 2 sons: Raymond, Paul, sister: Mrs Ed Holappa, bro: John Ohman S old 1 13
Niemi Maria  6-1846 Finland Jacob   Finland   Finland  2-7-1923 76y 8m ?d CH CH stone says dob 1848   S org K 9
Niemi Roben Lynn               04/10/1971 4 CH CH              
Niemi William 1881             1945     CH       S org E 17
Niemi William L 2-27-1882 Reisjarvi O.L. Finland single Jacob Niemi Finland Maria Finland 04/05/1945 63 CH CH              
Nitteraur Arthur S. 6-12-1907 Michigan   William E. Nitteraur Iowa Florence H. Hardenburgh Illinois 8-20-1907 2m,7d CH FH              
Ohman Anna E 1900   John E         12/31/1988 88y 1m 29d Clinton, MI CH       S org V 3.5
Ohman Beata Jakku 4-4-1858 Iiritajasa O.L. Finland John Jr John Jakko Finland Mathilda Finland 02/05/1940 81 CH CH       S org V 2.5
Ohman John E Sr 1896   Anna E         1976     CH PFC US ARMY WWI   S org V 3
Ohman John Jr 1861   Beata         1935     CH       S org V 2
Ohman John Sr 5/10/1860 Iissa OL Finland Beata Jakku Jacob Ohman Finland Maria Finland 09/03/1935 75 CH CH              
Ohtonen Andrew (Antti) 1/11/1880 Kuhmoniemi Finland Anne Korhen Andrew Ohtonen Finland     7-31-1935 55 CH CH         org G 15
Ohtonen Charles H 6-5-1961             07/08/1993 32y 1m 3d CH CH CW2 US ARMY     S NA 17 8
Ojala Edwin Alfred 6-16-1914 Osceola, MI single Eli Ojala Finland Amanda Wirmani Finland 6-10-1939 24 CH LV              
Ojala Frederick T 6-7-1910             10/04/1996 86y 3m 28d Hancock, MI CH PVT US ARMY WWII   S org? C? 1.5?
Ojala Jacob 6-10-1882 Kauues? W.I. Finland Johannah (Hanna) Sakri Finland Kaisa Korteimaa Finland 06/20/1945 63 CH CH       S org C 1
Ojala Johannah 1886   Jacob         01/28/1978   Hancock, MI CH church rec = age 91   S org? C? 1.75?
Ojanen Carl William 1912   Rosa         12-11-1980     CH       S NA 1 7
Ojanen Frank John  12-7-1907 Hancock, MI   Victor Ojanen Finland Olga Aho Finland  12-19-1920 13 CH LS              
Ojanen Hellen Catherine  3-6-1921 Chassell, MI   Victor Ojanen Finland Olga Aho Finland  8-20-1921 5 mos. CH LS              
Ojanen Matt  10-20-1919 Chassell, MI   Victor Ojanen Finland Olga Aho Finland  10-20-1919 stillborn CH LS stillborn            
Ojanen Rosa Blanche 1919   Carl W AdLord Belleville   Anna Archambeau   11/11/2000 81 Ishpeming, MI CH       S NA 1 6
Oksala Eva Johanna 9-1-1885 Hauk Putaalla Finland John Kalena Finland   Finland 06/13/1947 61 CH Rudyard, MI              
O'Leary Laura Belle 5-5-1880             2-15-1963 83   CH 1963 or 64 (stone says 64, bk say 63) S old 7 9
Olkonen Sakari   Finland widowed Erick Olkonen Finland Am?ia Finland 12-18-1934 69 CH LV              
O?llia Johan F               07/21/1950 69y 3m 24d CH CH              
Olman Briita                               org V 4
Olson Carl D 1957             12-19-1993 36 Hancock, MI CH       S NA 24 1
Olson Matilda Mansikka 4/7/1882 Houghton, MI Oscar L         4-20-1953 70 or 71y9m16d CH CH HTLC church rec= dod 4/23/1953,marr 10/27/1902 S old 1 5
Olson Oscar L 1880   Mitilda M         02/27/1953 72y 9m 10d CH CH       S old 1 4
Ostermeyer Charles Jr 3-14-1928             6-7-2001 73 Marquette. MI CH       S NA 25 ?
Overmeyer Charles Homer 4-28-1853 Fremont OH Jennie Albert Overmeyer Sandusky OH Flora Beardsley Fremont OH 01/15/1928 54 CH FH              
Paako baby female  7-19-1919 Michigan   John Paako Finland Henrica Korpimaki Finland  7-19-1919 stillborn CH CH premature            
Paako Henrica  5-11-1887 Finland John Paako Nick Korpimacki Finland Sanna Finland  4-26-1920 32 CH South Range, MI            
Paako Toivo Henrick  9-11-1917 MI   John Paako Finland Henrica Korpimaki Finland  2-18-1919 1 CH CH              
Pakman Edward 5-20-1893 Michigan   John Pakman Finland Katri Tolonen Finland  11-17-1912 19 CH CH              
Palonen Mayme/Mamie 1908             09/02/1992 83y 11m 18d Marquette, MI CH       S old 29 4
Paloniemi Aote 1876 Finland single          10-12-1918 42 CH CH              
Papp Joseph 1913   Lillian         5-25-1959 46   CH       S old 9 1
Papp Lillian Taponen 1906   Joseph         5-6-1965 58   CH       S old 9 2
Partanen Charles ~ 1851 Finland Johanna Wiljai?maki Juss?i Partanen Finland   Finland  5-2-1923 72 CH CH         org K 16
Partanen Johanna 2-24-1850 Reisjarvi Finland Galib Partanen -- Wiljamaki       2-1-1932 81 CH CH         org H 15
Patient Delia 9-7-?? Canada Peter Joseph Bourdeau Canada Emile? Resorier Canada 06/02/1946 88 CH FH              
Patridge Frank L  9-1-1853 Detroit, MI Ruth Timothy L Patridge Detroit, MI Minebra Barmun New York St  8-4-1920 66 CH HO              
Pegore Emile 8-27-1876 Houghton   August Pegore Canada Oddice Bourdeau Canada 4-26-1911 34y,8m CH ?              
Pekkala Helena  4-19-1851 Finland Mat Hiltunen Finland   Finland  8-15-1922 71 CH FH              
Pekkala Matt  4-30-1883 Michigan Jennie Matt Pekkala Finland Helena Heltunen Finland  4-17-1922 38 CH FH              
Pekkala Toivo Raymond   Michigan   Matt Pekkala Lake Llinden, MI Jenny M Smedi Finland  2-17-1919 2 CH CH              
Pekkala William O               2-5-1919     CH PVT unit K Mobile Hosp No1   S heroes    
Peltier Henry 6-12-1841 St Ambrose Canada Elmira Antone Peltier St Elizabeth Canada Elizabet ? St Elizabeth, Canada 09/25/1924 83 CH CH?              
Peltomaa John Jacob                     CH         org F 20
Peltomaa William Frank 1916   Ruth M         1-7-1999 82 Hancock, MI CH       S NA 25 1
Pelt?anen Elizabeth               05/07/1949 66y 4m 14d CH CH              
Perrault Josephine 7-10-1863 Canada   Avanglis Paris Canada Agnes Fish Canada 10-23-1911 48y,3m,13d CH Houghton, MI fatty infiltration of hear          
Perrier Phelomma 5-1-1838 Canada widow Sylvester S?erpentigrr Canada Sophia Picore Canada 8-30-1906 68 CH CH  5 children            
Perttula Kaisa Kruta Tulppo             05/16/1941 72y 10m 26d CH CH              
Peteri Madeline                     CH         org I 15
Peteri Matt  12-19-1828 Finland Matre Peteri John Peteri Finland   Finland  1-1-1919 91 CH CH              
Peteri Matt?ii?na Sedig               01/12/1932 87y 3m 23d   CH mn Sedig: all info from HTLC church rec        
Peters Edward C 1907   Ellen         02/15/1995 87y 8m 4d CH CH         old 20 3
Peters Raymond David       Bernard Peters   Clara Turcotte   02/18/1990 75   CH Cath rec only            


              01/14/1941 86y 3m 23d Houghton, MI CH              
Peterson Charles               4-28-1950 70 Stanton Twp, MI CH         old 17 4
Peterson Gustaf 12-20-1851 Sweden Lizzie N Perr Anderson Sweden Anna Birgitta Sweden 07/03/1929 59 CH HO              
Peterson John E.T. 11-23-1899 Chassell, MI single Gustaf Peterson   Elisa Neilson   11/12/1950 50 CH FH              
Peterson Lizzie 9-28-1864 Norway   Ulrich Nelson Norway   Norway  5-29-1913 48 CH FH              
Peterson Peter P/R               10/04/1951 77y 24d Hancock, MI CH              
Pidgeon                       CH         org W 11
Pienela Ansel 10-10-1912             6-14-1989 76   CH CPL US ARMY WWII   S old 5 10
Pienela Emily Lillian Sauvola 05/04/1919 Chassell, MI Walfred A         08/29/1991 72 Hancock, MI CH marr Walfred 1/17/1942: parents of Fanny, Helen old 11 13
Pienela George M 10-13-1908             03/10/1968 59 CH CH       S old 5 9
Pienela Mary T 1888   Matti         1947     CH       S org B 16.5
Pienela Matt/Matti 11-1-1886 Rusparv?i O.L. Finland Mary Matti Finland Kaisa Finland 04/18/1944 57 CH CH       S org B 16
Pienela Walfred Arvo 07/03/1914 Chassell, MI Emily L         11/03/1984 70y 4m Hancock, MI CH         old 11 12
Pienela Tyyne M               04/29/1947 58y 6m 28d CH CH              
Pierce George  3-6-1917 Michigan   Wm. Pierce Jamesville, Ill Lydia Lompray Baraga, MI  7-7-1918 1 CH HO              
Piggott Daniel John 1956             1956     CH       S org A 6
Piggott Kristine 1957             1957     CH       S org A 7
Pinkall Johanna  6-24-1840 Germany 08/01/2001   Germany   Germany  5-17-1921 80 CH CH              
Piquette Louis P. 11-1-1908 Michigan   Nap Piquette Canada Mary Flury Canada 11-16-1908 16d CH CH              
Plante Hebert Chas  3-16-1913 Chassell, MI   Arthur J Plante Lounlle??, Canada Marie Vauhors Hancock, MI  7-12-1918 5 CH HO              
Plante Marie Rose 10-1-1899 Sorel PI Canada   Desire Plante Mass Alma Beaucage St Albert PI Canada  1-2-1913 13 CH HO              
Plante Raymond Andrew  1-28-1919 Chassell, MI   Arthur Plante Louisville, Canada Marie Van Hoff Hancock, MI  5-30-1919 4 mos. CH HO              
Plantr Jenette 6-15-1906 Chassell, MI   Desire Plante Mass Alma Beaucagr Canada 10-9-1906 2 mths CH Houghton, MI              
Poirier Peter 7-1-1838   Philomena         8-26-1904or 1906 59   CH stone says 8-26-1904   S org W 5
Poirier Philomena 6-1-1838   Peter         8-30-1906     CH       S org W 6
Poison Elmer 11-20-1906 Michigan   Joseph Poison Chassell Helen Sevard Michigan 3-27-1907 4mths CH Houghton, MI              
Poisson Adolph 6-11-1863 Canada   Heremelle Poisson Canada Amelia Boudet Canada  9-11-1916 53 CH HO              
Poisson Fraun 11-1-1907 Michigan   Joseph Poisson Michigan Hellen Savont Michigan 12-13-1907 1m,13d CH Houghton, MI prematurely born            
Poisson Herman  6-6-1911 Michigan   Joseph Poisson Canada Helen Savard Michigan  10-3-1917 6 CH HO              
Poisson Sarah ~ 1854 Canada Albert August Merier Canada Belenger Canada  12-25-1923 69 CH HO              
Prudhome Paul                     CH         org W 10
Prudhomme Desire  8-1868 Canada Lizzie Prudhomme Canada Laporte Canada  4-9-1922 54 CH HO              
Prudhomme Elizabeth  2-17-1921 Chassell, MI   Earl Prudhomme Atlantic Mine, MI Leah Messener Rockland, MI  2-18-1921 1 day CH ? prematurely born            
Purola Bruno               03/08/1972 57   FH              
Purola Wilho 6-27-1919             2-3-1933     CH       S org F 16
Purola Wilho Raymond 6-29-1917 Chassell, MI single Sander Purola Finland Hanna Hannula Finland 2-4-1933 15 CH CH d cert say 6-29-1917 to 2-4-1933 15 yrs 7m old      
Puskala Virna Aliina  6-15-1914 Michigan   Thos. Puskala Finland Marie Hirvela Finland  5-31-1915 11 mos. CH CH              
Pyykkonen Aino H 1910   Henry J         01/03/2000 89y 3m 28d Hancock, MI CH       S NA 11 7
Pyykkonen Alice Marian   Calumet, MI single Andrew Pyykkonen Michigan Nelma Theresa Huhta South Dakota 06/16/1936 18y1m1d CH FH HTLC church rec= name Alice Maria P, & buried in CH    
Pyykkonen Henry J 1910   Aino H         07/04/1989 79y 5m 16d CH CH       S NA 11 6
Pyykkonen Maria 10-1856 Finland Antti? Heikki Kemppainen Finland     04/26/1930 70 CH LS              
Pyykkonen Melita Ann 1937             1940     CH       S NA 11 5

Please Note: We did our best to read the originals, but the lettering was often difficult to decipher. Also some families used V instead of W, R could be mistaken for K, i for e or u, some names were listed under different spellings in different original documents etc. 
This list actually contains some Chassell residents who died previous to 1952 (found in Dr. Willson's death certificate books)  that lived in Chassell, but were buried elsewhere as indicated in the "buried where" column: CH=Chassell, FH=Forest Hill (in Portage Township), HAN=Hancock, HO=Houghton, LS=Lake Side (outside of Hancock), LV=Lake View (W of Calumet).  Other abbreviations used in the data base: S= There was a Stone found in the cemetery for this person; NA= Their plot is located in the New Addition of the cemetery; old= Their plot is located in the old section of the cemetery; org= Their plot is located in the orginal section of the cemetery, the blocks in the original section were numbered by the alphabet A thru W.